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This is an amazing box created by Rainbow Hand for the Sunset Cowbow Series. The piece is called "The Last Sunset". It includes everything you see in the picture: The cowboy skeleton with boots, chaps, vest, six-shooter holster with guns, hat and rifle, his companion dog skeleton with kerchief, red deer skeleton, bison skull, room box decorated in desert scene with fencing, weeds, and the dramatic sunset backdrop the spans the back of the box. 

The box features variable lighting options to adjust the orange and yellow LED lights to the preferred SUNSET setting (all the way to dark, it's fun to play with). This box runs on 2AA batteries and is wired for 12 volt swith-over if preferred. It's a smaller box measuring 11 x 9 and the outside is covered in weathered barn wood. There is no plexi-cover.  

Price includes shipping in the contiguous US.

Miniature Room Box - The Last Sunset - Cowboy and Dog - Sunset Cowboy Series

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