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Brian Tepper - Abstract Artist

Brian Tepper moved to Carpinteria in 1984, a familiar location to him after spending his childhood vacationing in the area with his family. 

After getting an Arts degree from Pierce College, he focused on Native American and Plains Indian Pictographic Art. These studies, his exhibitions, and lectures resulted in a European tour during the 1980's. He lectured and exhibited in Germany and Austria, and showed his work in Los Angeles, the Southwest and New York galleries. (The gallery director at the Heard Museum in Pheonix said that his work "Looks like the Jetsons are meeting the Sioux. Brilliant colors!"

Brian Tepper.jpg

In subsequent years his exposure to different cultures and locations directed him to explore a more abstract direction to his paintings. He found great satisfaction and energy in using combinations of paints, plaster, and reclaimed objects. "In this blending of colors and shapes, I am portraying reality as I see it-different adventures, cultures, and emotions - all evolving in an abstract manifestation." He says, "After all, few things are as they appear on the surface."

For several years he has enjoyed being on the Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Art Association and a member of the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Community Art Center and Abstract Art Collective. 

Kathy Tepper - 1/12th Scale AsseMblage Artist
Kathy's Media Shot.jpg

Kathy Tepper relocated from the Midwest to California in the 1970's. Carpenteria became her home in 1984 with husband Brian Tepper. 

She decided to incorporate her education at Indiana University studying Theater and Set Design with her love of miniatures and decor. The next twenty-two years was spent with her artist husband creating Native American 1/12th scale museum artifacts for museums and clients around the world.

The Teppers have created thousands of scale creations ranging from fantasy pieces to ethnic settings, and modern decor. Three years ago they embarked on a new category of sculpeted and feathered birds. Her husband Brian hand makes the birds, and Kathy designs and creates the environment in which they "reside". A new collection is being created to address the ills of our current societal concerns. It is entitled "A Bird's Eye View of Turbulent Times."

Kymberly Akouris - 1/12 Scale

Assemblage artist


Kymberly Akouris is the daughter of Brian and Kathy Tepper and joined the family business about two years ago.  Unbeknownst to her, she had a knack and passion for miniatures hidden deep inside, waiting to come out. She now works alongside her father, creating miniature pieces and scenes, and accompanies him to shows. Her new passion is Christmas trees and how to innovate new and exciting trees. 

Lynne Tepper - 1/12th Scale AsseMblage Artist

Lynne married into the Tepper family 50 years ago. She is a seamstress specializing in historic, fantasy and belly dance costumes.  She also does beadwork in the native styles.  Lately she has been concentrating on her business “Steamed Octopus” specializing in outfits, hats, jewelry and accessories for the Steampunk genre. 

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